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NFL Week 10 early games open thread: Giants-Patriots takes center stage

Before they host the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football next week, the New England Patriots travel today to take on the New York Giants in the best of the late-game matchups.

When was the last time that the Buffalo Bills had extra rest heading into a matchup against the New England Patriots, instead of it being the other way around? Bills players are off today, three days after a Thursday Night Football win, while the Patriots are on the road in the most-discussed matchup of Week 10. A week from tomorrow, the Bills and the Pats square off on Monday Night Football, so watch today's game closely.


New England Patriots (8-0) at New York Giants (5-4)

Western New York's favorite Super Bowl matchup of the last decade is revisited in regular-season form today, with the Giants looking to hand the Patriots their first loss of the 2015 season. This game really won't have much of an impact on the Bills' playoff chances - they've already lost to both of these teams once, and play the Pats again next week - but let's be honest, nobody wants to root for the Pats in these parts, anyway.

Other action

Minnesota Vikings (6-2) at Oakland Raiders (4-4)

In a battle between two of the more surprising, up-and-coming teams in the NFL, featuring two of the better young quarterbacks in the business, Bills fans should be rooting for the NFC team to beat the AFC team. This is a fun, interesting, throwback matchup.

Kansas City Chiefs (3-5) at Denver Broncos (7-1)

A week after their Monday Night Football appearance, the Bills will play Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium in the final leg of their three-game road trip. Andy Reid's crew has a tough one today.