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LeSean McCoy has already outgained the 2014 Buffalo Bills' leading rusher

The Buffalo Bills are rushing the ball much better than 2014. This one simple stat proves it.

The 2015 Buffalo Bills have been much better at running the ball than the 2014 version of the squad. That's no more evident than when you compare last year's leading rusher, Fred Jackson, to 2015's leader, LeSean McCoy.

Reddit user "mavbavbutav" first pointed out this glaring statistic: McCoy has more rushing yards (528) than Jackson did all last year (525).

It's taken McCoy seven games to hit his total, where it took Jackson twice that many - and McCoy hasn't even been 100 percent healthy.

Karlos Williams, who has only played in six games, has rushed for 360 yards, and at his current clip will pass Jackson's 2014 mark in three weeks. (Jackson and C.J. Spiller both were near 900 yards apiece in 2013, for the record.)

As a team, the 2014 Bills rushed for 1,482 yards in 16 games, while the 2015 team sits at 1,281 yards with seven games remaining. It's a safe bet they'll obliterate last year's total.

The additions of offensive coordinator Greg Roman, McCoy, Williams, fullback Jerome Felton, tight end Charles Clay, and linemen Richie Incognito and John Miller seem to be paying off. The Bills are averaging a full yard per carry more than a year ago.