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AFC Playoff Picture, 2015 NFL Week 12: Buffalo Bills slide in rankings

A loss on Monday night slides the Bills into a four-way tie at 5-5 in the AFC playoff race, but they can make up lost ground in the next two games with wins over fellow 5-5 teams Kansas City and Houston.

The Buffalo Bills lost a close game to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, but still control their playoff destiny in a huge two-week stretch. With games against the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans in the next two weeks, Buffalo can be sitting pretty two weeks from now with two wins. Kansas City and Houston both passed the Bills in AFC winning percentage this week, but the Bills can change that.


1. New England Patriots (10-0)
2. Cincinnati Bengals (8-2, 7-1 in AFC)
3. Denver Broncos (8-2, 4-2 in AFC)
4. Indianapolis Colts (5-5, head-to-head win over HOU)
5. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4)
6. Kansas City Chiefs (5-5, 4-2 AFC)
7. Houston Texans (5-5, 4-3 AFC, head-to-head losses to IND & KC, win over NYJ)
8. Buffalo Bills (5-5, 5-4 in AFC, head-to-head win over NYJ)
9. New York Jets (5-5, 4-4 AFC, head-to-head loss to HOU)
10. Oakland Raiders (4-6, 4-3 AFC)
11. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6, 4-4 AFC, head-to-head win over MIA)
12. Miami Dolphins (4-6, 2-5 AFC, head-to-head loss to JAX)
13. Baltimore Ravens (3-7)
14. Cleveland Browns (2-8, 2-6 AFC)
15. San Diego Chargers (2-8, 1-5 AFC)
16. Tennessee Titans (2-8, 0-6 AFC)