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2016 NFL Draft Order: Buffalo Bills at No. 19 entering Week 15

If the 2016 NFL Draft were to start tomorrow, the Buffalo Bills would hold the No. 19 overall pick in the first round.

Following a 23-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Buffalo Bills are almost entirely eliminated from the playoffs; their 6-7 record doesn't measure up against the 8-5 records sported by the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, and Pittsburgh Steelers, and they won't be able to pass them unless a schedule miracle were to occur.

Thus, we begin the arduous exercise experienced by every Bills fan in the month of December: ending the illusion of playoff dreams and acknowledging the reality of the upcoming NFL Draft.

Although they have a losing record, the Bills are in fact considered the strongest of the 19 non-playoff teams with losing records at present, due to a strength of schedule that ranks sixth in the NFL. That means that, were the draft order set today, the Bills would be picking at No. 19 overall. Buffalo's strength of schedule would decrease slightly tonight if Miami loses on Monday Night Football, because the teams played twice while the Bills and New York Giants only met once.

The Bills have several potential needs emerging as the season wraps up, based on potential free agent departures and scheme changes. We'll dive into all of that after the season ends. Three more weeks.