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NFL Combine 2015: QB, RB, WR workouts open thread

The offensive skill positions are going through their drills today. We're talking about it here.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Today could be considered the most spectator-friendly day of the 2015 NFL Combine. While defensive backs get their measurements and the other defenders do bench presses and get interviewed, the quarterbacks, receivers, and running backs will take the field for workouts and positional drills.

The workouts will air live on NFL Network starting at 9:00 a.m. ET.

We'll attach a table of player measurements to the end of this article when they become available today. In the meantime, you can use this article as an open thread for discussing the day's events. Here are 10 questions I have about the players working out today. What are you looking for?

  1. While Garrett Grayson sits out with an injury, this is a chance for guys like Brett Hundley and Bryce Petty to show off their arm in throwing drills. Will they (or another less-heralded quarterback) rise to the occasion?
  2. Who is Jerry Lovelocke? The Prairie View A&M quarterback might have the most impressive measurements of any quarterback in this class, but without film to go by he's tough to project. His stat lines suggest that he regressed slightly this season, but he was also rarely sacked. Is he a diamond in the rough?
  3. What will David Cobb's 40 time be? The running back is a bruiser weighing nearly 230 pounds, but he doesn't look to have great long speed.
  4. Which running back looks the most impressive in positional drills? There are some excellent talents here. Will Melvin Gordon lead the pack, or will Jay Ajayi or Ameer Abdullah (or another guy) stand out the most?
  5. Will Abdullah's Combine drop him on some boards? He's a great pure runner, but his small hands don't help his reputation for fumbling, and what happens if he doesn't match up athletically to a guy like Ajayi?
  6. How athletic is Josh Robinson? His tremendous balance and ability to break tackles stand out on tape, but does he have the burst to threaten a defense at the second level?
  7. Who runs the fastest 40 time? The top choice is Miami (FL) receiver Phillip Dorsett, but any number of running backs, wide receivers, or cornerbacks could threaten to take the crown.
  8. How does Devin Smith look in receiver drills? He was mainly a one-trick pony at Ohio State, but many scouts think that his role was a product of the offense and not his abilities.
  9. Can Sammie Coates catch the ball? It might be the only thing holding him back from first round consideration.
  10. Who's the top receiver? Does Amari Cooper maintain his momentum, or is Kevin White or DeVante Parker able to gain the lead?