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2015 NFL Draft: running backs and the Buffalo Bills

In all likelihood, the Buffalo Bills are going to be sorely tempted to draft a running back this spring. Which names will be the most difficult for the team to pass on?

C.J. Spiller is seemingly on his way out of town, meaning that the Buffalo Bills will likely add a running back this offseason. That's not to say that the new back will be in the Spiller mold, but it's reasonable to assume at least one will be added to the rotation featuring incumbents Fred Jackson, Anthony Dixon, and Bryce Brown.

In our latest 2015 NFL Draft preview video, Dan Lavoie and I evaluate this year's incredibly talented running back class. While running backs have been greatly devalued since Spiller was picked by the Bills in the Top 10 five years ago, this talented group of backs could warrant consideration in the first round - but then, flaws and concerns could drop them down to the Bills' No. 50 overall selection, as well.

Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Ameer Abdullah, and Duke Johnson are just a few of the names we cover as Dan shares his thoughts not just on running style, but also pass protection and fitting into the Greg Roman offense. It's a video you don't want to miss.

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