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Buffalo Bills needs: pre-free agency and 2015 NFL Draft edition

Well, here it is: the definitive, 100 percent correct version of the Buffalo Bills' 2015 offseason needs list. Unless you don't think that it is 100 percent correct. Which is fine.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Our State of the Bills Roster series, which we run twice per year - once before the annual NFL offseason begins, and again in the summer before training camp starts - is over. Well, the pre-offseason version of it, anyway. We wrapped it up yesterday, with the yield being two separate Buffalo Bills needs lists: one on offense, and one on defense.

Let's merge those bad boys into one comprehensive needs list, shall we? And rather than re-hashing everything we've already talked about in the series (click that first link above if you missed anything), let's just cut right to the chase.

Buffalo Bills 2015 offseason needs list

  1. QB: With no long-term fixes available, competition is the name of the game.
  2. DE: Even if Jerry Hughes is retained, more edge defender depth is mandatory.
  3. OT: They have competitive youth, but they need a starting right tackle.
  4. OG: One rusty vet and half of a promising prospect isn't close to being enough.
  5. DT: A two-gap run stuffer to "start" in the base defense must be added.
  6. RB: The five-year duo is on the outs. Fresh legs would be a welcome sight.
  7. TE: Honestly, a full top-to-bottom remodel would not be frowned upon.
  8. S: Depth is likely to be thinned out, and a third contributor would help.
  9. C: It'd be nice to start developing another guy in the pivot, just in case.
  10. CB: A well-stocked position today, but big contract decisions loom.
  11. WR: Top-heavy with youth and upside, but a bit more size wouldn't hurt.
  12. LB: Three young, cheap, three-down-capable players is plenty to work with.

This is an opinion piece, so naturally I am certain that this list is in proper order. I am, however, even more certain that someone, somewhere, has a bone to pick with the ordering. Which is fine. It's the Internet, after all. Let the well-thought-out, level-headed, perfectly-reasonable debate ensue!