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2015 NFL Draft open thread: who do you want to hear about?

We've completed five weeks' worth of NFL Draft scouting reports, and there are still two months to go. Who are you interested in reading about as the draft approaches?

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All of Buffalo Rumblings' 2015 NFL Draft coverage can be found in our NFL Draft section. Our scouting reports are part of our 2015 NFL Draft big board, which is also available under the "Library" header on our site's navigation bar.

Everyone take a deep breath. It's the end of February. Two months have passed since the Buffalo Bills' season ended and they began their coaching search, and we have two full months remaining before the first day of the 2015 NFL Draft. With that in mind, today is a good day to review where we're at and what's coming up in the future.

With the draft only two months away, it's time to prepare yourself for another (obnoxious) part of the reporting: prospect rumors. Starting with pro days and continuing with prospect visits, you'll be hearing from many sources about the players the Bills are reportedly keeping tabs on. As we did last year, we'll be keeping track of the players Buffalo brings in for visits, because history has shown that they correlate well with the eventual draft selections.

Wondering who we've covered in our draft discussions so far? Here they are, lined up in order, unburdened by the shackles of an actual round grade. Looking for more details? Check out their scouting reports.

As draft season continues, we will continue posting scouting reports during the week for your benefit. With that in mind, are there specific players that you would like to see us profile soon? I've already had requests for a couple running back prospects, and I plan to expand the offensive line analysis in the future, but here's your chance to ask for someone in particular. Post your requests in the comments below.