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John Miller 2015 NFL Draft scouting report

This guard prospect could begin his career as a versatile backup, and might eventually emerge as a starter.

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John Miller

  • Position: Offensive Guard (OG)
  • Class: Senior
  • College: Louisville
  • Ht/Wt: 6'2", 303 pounds

Scouting Report

John Miller is an interior offensive line prospect who's a bit on the small side, weighing in at 303 pounds and measuring just over 6'2". He played both left and right guard for Louisville, often swapping positions multiple times during each game. I don't have insight into the reasoning for doing that, but maybe a Louisville fan can explain why the offense required it.

Miller's size is a bit smaller than I'd like to see in a guard, but is actually perfect for my kind of center, which makes me wonder if he has any experience setting up protections or snapping the ball. I think he'd carry a lot of value as a player capable of handling any interior line position. As he is, there are flaws to his game that would prevent me from projecting him as a starter right now. His core power is good, but not great. When he forms a good block, he seals off his defender effectively. His feet are slow, however, which hurt him in setting up his base. He really struggles to re-anchor if he's beaten back before he can set up, and a bad start to a snap usually led to him being walked back into a quarterback or running back. He has a good sense of how to use his hands when blocking, and a strong punch. He can pull around the edge or to the second level, but he's not the fastest there. If you ask him to set up a screen play, you'll want to remind him to at least try to get in the way of the defensive line so the quarterback isn't decapitated before the pass can be thrown.


When I evaluated Miller, I was observing his fundamentals, but like any player I scout, I was also looking for any "wow" plays, which made me stand up and take notice. I didn't really see any. What I did see, against Virginia, Kentucky, and Florida State, was Miller alternating between holding his own with steady play and being beaten outright, multiple times. I wouldn't trust the guard I saw as a starter this year, and I don't know if he'd be worth starting a year or two down the line. I think his best shot is to gain 10 pounds and practice his technique, at which point he might work his way into a starting role on the interior. With his uncertain projection though, I would probably grade him in the fifth or sixth round.