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Anthony Harris 2015 NFL Draft scouting report

In an allegedly weak safety class, Anthony Harris is a mid-round option with starter's upside.

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Anthony Harris

  • Position: Safety (S)
  • Class: Senior
  • College: Virginia
  • Ht/Wt: 6'1", 183 pounds

Scouting Report

Anthony Harris spends a lot of time around the ball. Harris probably reviews a ton of film each week, because he does a great job of anticipating routes, following receivers, and observing the quarterback in coverage. If a bubble screen is coming, Harris will be the first one there to blow it up. He has great ball skills, comfortably making catches or getting his hands in to break up passes. He plays with a confident physicality, jumping forward to defend the run and bumping receivers coming across the middle.

That being said, he's not built to be a physical safety. At only 183 pounds, Harris doesn't have the bulk necessary to solidly stop every player. He has good tackling form in his arms, but his tackles are usually lunging and easily broken. He's a bit too stiff and slow to play cornerback, so I'd see him working mostly as a coverage safety in the NFL.


Harris is the type of safety I like to see - someone who reads plays well and can make plays on the ball. He's not a super versatile prospect, and he may have a limited ceiling in the NFL, but I see a future starting safety when I watch him on film. I'd take him with a third-round pick.