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Buffalo Bills 2015 NFL Draft needs: offensive skill positions

The Bills made some big moves at the offensive skill positions (RB, WR) this offseason. Is it still possible they could address either or both areas in the 2015 NFL Draft?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Despite having bigger perceived issues elsewhere this offseason, the Buffalo Bills made two big moves - one via trade, the other in free agency - to add a bit of punch to their running back and wide receiver positions. LeSean McCoy was acquired via trade to head up the running back platoon, and Percy Harvin joins the club as a free agent signing to add some versatility to the receiver spot.

Buffalo has a lot of talent and fiscal resources thrown into their offensive skill positions already. Here, we discuss the possibility that they'll have more of both once the 2015 NFL Draft is concluded. (We will discuss tight ends and fullback in a separate post, for the record.)

Is there an instant contributor?

Not at running back, in all likelihood; the team has a quartet of veteran running backs that can play, and unless something changes, McCoy and veteran Fred Jackson are more than capable of handling the majority of snaps. For as run-heavy as his offense is, Greg Roman (like every other play-caller) very infrequently deploys two backs on the field at the same time. Things appear settled here from a playing time perspective.

That's not the case at wide receiver, even though the team already has three young, talented guys that can gobble up a lot of snaps in Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, and Harvin. There will still be room for a fourth receiver to play on occasion, and if they can find a receiver with size and red zone prowess, that could be immensely helpful. As it stands today, the only Bills receiving threat that is both guaranteed playing time and exceeds 6'1" is tight end Charles Clay, who is not especially big for his position at just under 6'3". The Bills have room for a guy with size to carve out a niche for himself in this offense.

Where does a project fit in?

Project running backs may not be a thing that really exists, but if it does, the Bills might have one in Bryce Brown. Buffalo's depth chart is pretty flush here.

If the Bills can find a developmental receiver with size, that would not only shake up their depth chart a bit, as most of their receiving depth is guys like Chris Hogan and Marcus Easley, who can contribute on special teams (although Marquise Goodwin, who could be considered a bit of a project, remains with the team). But we have also already established that a size receiver could have a role to play in 2015, so that project player could have opportunities to hone his craft on game days, as well.

Is it a need in 2015? In 2016?

The Bills have room for one more skill position contributor in 2015, although it's a fairly small, specialized role that's up for grabs. Depth-wise, they're fine at running back, and in okay shape at receiver with the special teams guys on board. Receiver is a need this year only from a size perspective; if they can find a guy that can play a small role right away and offers upside, that player is worth a look.

Jackson and Brown will be free agents after the 2015 season, so if the Bills are thinking long-term at running back (they shouldn't be, because McCoy is their long-term here and they don't need to plan ahead at this position), it's possible they could address the position in the draft. Harvin is also only on a one-year deal, as well; if the Bills find a size receiver that can play right away, that player's role could expand in 2016 if Harvin is not retained. While running back may not be a draft need this year, receiver is - but it shouldn't be anywhere near the top of the team's priority list.