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Lorenzo Mauldin 2015 NFL Draft scouting report

The Bills are familiar with Louisville products already, and Mauldin is an under-the-radar prospect worth remembering.

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Lorenzo Mauldin

  • Position: Edge Rusher (ER)
  • Class: Senior
  • College: Louisville
  • Ht/Wt: 6'4", 259 pounds

Scouting Report

Lorenzo Mauldin should be on Buffalo's radar. He played next to Preston Brown last season, and he practices every day against John Miller and Jamon Brown, two players whom Buffalo has worked out this offseason. He's an edge rusher who looks like he might be capable of sticking around for every down in the future. Mauldin's best attribute is how he uses his hands. He's capable of stacking up offensive linemen, and has just enough core power to hold the line most of the time. He has a strong swim move pass-rushing, and also uses rip and counter techniques to good effect. Shedding blocks isn't a big problem for Mauldin.

He can be downright dangerous in the running game, frequently showing good bend to catch a runner while in backside pursuit. Some tight ends and offensive linemen can corral him and keep him from shedding blocks, but that doesn't work all the time. Mauldin is even capable of dropping into coverage, and while he's no pure outside linebacker, he can move fluidly and doesn't look lost out there.

Mauldin's main weakness is just that his explosion is average. He has a great reaction time off the snap, but his closing burst isn't great, and it can sometimes take him a little bit of time to make it home for the sack. Mauldin also plays too upright at times, losing the burst and leverage he could generate by staying lower to the ground. While he can dip and tackle a runner in the running game, he's not as good at dipping around the corner as a pass rusher. Mauldin's play recognition and vision also aren't the best; he can be fooled by options and other misdirection plays.


Mauldin may not be a stellar athlete, but he is a productive football player with mostly good technique. He could play outside linebacker in the 3-4, defensive end in the 4-3, and could probably play a specialized rush linebacker role in the 4-3 too. I like that he can play well against the run, and by all accounts he has a stellar mental makeup. In the late second or third round, I'd be happy to see him added to the Bills.