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Daryl Williams 2015 NFL Draft scouting report

Williams probably can't play tackle at the NFL level, but could he potentially emerge as an excellent run-blocking guard?

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Daryl Williams

  • Position: Offensive Guard (OG)
  • Class: Senior (redshirt)
  • College: Oklahoma
  • Ht/Wt: 6'5", 327 pounds

Scouting Report

I can sum up Daryl Williams as a player with one word: heavy. Williams, the right tackle from Oklahoma, is a big, powerful man. He has a strong anchor, can throw you to the side with his torso power, and is capable of walking defenders down the line while run blocking. He also has some terribly slow feet, and isn't really agile enough to stick as an offensive tackle at the next level, in my opinion.

Williams sees the field very well and does a great job of getting himself into position to make a block, within his athletic limitations. His technique isn't great at the moment. He's a lunging blocker who doesn't play with his feet underneath him, especially when pass blocking. His kick-slide is marginal, and he doesn't have great balance. Still, I have every reason to believe that Williams can improve his technique, as much as his athleticism will allow. He is a tireless worker on the field who plays to the whistle on every snap, and that's something to value with a position that plays every single down.


As an offensive tackle prospect, Williams doesn't project very well. Move him inside, however, and I think you have something. Williams has the strength needed to be a dominant run blocker as a guard, and his footwork would be less problematic when he can play in a phone booth. You probably can't count on him to block back-side defenders too often, or pull with much accuracy, but I think he could handle everything else just fine. I have him graded as a fourth-round prospect at guard for this class. He could probably find a place on Buffalo's roster as a mid-round pick this year.