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2015 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills in need of linebacker depth

The Bills are in need of linebacker depth without Kiko Alonso. Might they target one (early?) in the 2015 NFL Draft?

Stop me if this sounds familiar: the Buffalo Bills have good starters at a position, but are in need of viable depth. It's true at tight end, defensive end, defensive tackle, and now we say the same thing at the linebacker position.

With the trade of Kiko Alonso, the Bills will likely need to add one more linebacker this offseason or face the possibility of increased playing time for Ty Powell. The draft - even if we're only talking about a late-round pick - would be the perfect time for that to happen. Using mid-round picks, Buffalo has added Nigel Bradham and Preston Brown in recent seasons, and they quickly went from solid depth to solid starters.

In our video today, we profile the linebackers Dan Lavoie likes both at pick No. 50 and beyond. Who could come in as a special teamer with some upside to work behind the two starters? Watch and learn, then go watch all of Dan's great video profiles.