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Who are your favorite 2015 NFL Draft prospects for the Buffalo Bills?

Everyone that follows the NFL Draft ends up smitten with at least one prospect. Who are your "man crushes" for the Buffalo Bills in 2015?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

For the past three seasons, in the week of the annual NFL Draft, I've done a post called "Man Crushes." The objective of the post is to list players in the upcoming draft that you have a man crush on. Needless to say, we use "man crush" to describe how being so infatuated with a player that you hope that your team makes some sort of effort to select them in the upcoming draft feels.

You may have been keeping track of him all season, watching videos and reading Dan's scouting reports, envisioning him in Buffalo Bills blue making plays all over the field, and over time you finally realize that you have a major crush on the guy. So much so, you get caught by your significant other with pictures and list of names with the words "man crushes" on the top of it.

Yes, I'm speaking from personal experience.

After exhausting video study and reading all of Dan's scouting reports, my number one man crush in the upcoming draft is Indiana running back Tevin Coleman. I began crushing on Coleman back in February, when I read Dan's scouting report. I pulled up every video that I could find, and I just watched him run. Unlike Dan, I really like Coleman. His upright running style reminded me of my childhood idol, Eric Dickerson. The long strides and the ability to break tackles is what fascinated me.

Now it's your turn, Bills fans. Let us know who you've been "crushing on" this offseason. When selecting your man crush, consider these few things:

  • Availability: Whether or not a guy will be available when the Bills pick doesn't matter in the exercise. For example, your man crush could be Jameis Winston. We all know there is no way that he will be available when the Bills are scheduled to pick, and we also know that it isn't practical to think we will actually trade up to get him.
  • Practicality: Do not think that you can't select a guy because the Bills already have a starter on our roster at that position. If your crush is Vic Beasley, the presence of Jerry Hughes shouldn't change that.
  • Anonymity: If there is a guy that no one is talking about that you are crushing on, feel free to do a little write-up, or input a video link, so that we can see the reason why he's crush-worthy.