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Buffalo Bills mailbag, 4/3: on a possible Marcell Dareus suspension

The 2015 NFL Draft is now commanding the attention of Buffalo Bills fans, as evidenced by the theme of this week's submissions to the Buffalo Rumblings Mailbag.

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Now that the dust is settling on 2015 NFL free agency, Buffalo Bills fans are turning their attention to the 2015 NFL Draft, as evidenced by the submitted questions for this week's edition of the Buffalo Rumblings Mailbag.

This week's quintet of queries includes three draft-related questions, plus some talk about a potential Marcell Dareus suspension and a quick opinion on my favorite move the Bills have made this offseason. If you'd like a question answered in the mailbag, Bills-related or otherwise, you can submit them via TwitterFacebook, or via email at The more, the merrier.

On to this week's questions!

I'll take the cop-out answer: the Bills should find the best quarterback prospect they can and have David Lee work with him extensively. If that guy is already on the roster, fine. If he isn't, then go get him. Aiming to win now is fine and all, but that doesn't provide an excuse for not thinking about the long haul in some fashion at the most important position in pro sports.

The team has made flashy acquisitions in the past, but re-signing a very good player at a premium position before he hits free agency? That is less common in these parts. Re-signing Jerry Hughes to a five-year, $45 million deal with $22 million guaranteed was the best move the Bills have made this offseason. If they do the rest of it and don't get this done, right now we're talking about the hole in a good defense opposite Mario Williams.

Honestly, it's easier right now to talk about the positions they probably won't address at No. 50. Which is not to say that the Bills have a lot of needs; it's actually the opposite. It would be great if they could add a starting-caliber offensive lineman there, but they're in a spot where a quality player at nearly every position would be a sensible addition.

They would be wise to do so, but they probably don't need to (or shouldn't) make a significant investment to do so. A mid-to-late round pick or two to compete for a roster spot alongside Bryan Johnson would be enough to get on with for now, because we already know who the money-makers are at the position, and there won't be a ton of snaps up for grabs that Manny Lawson won't be taking, anyway.

Dareus will definitely be the big story once the draft is in the books. The 'A' story will be whether or not the Bills can make any headway in re-signing him to a multi-year contract extension. His off-field issues, and whether or not there will be any repercussions for them in the 2015 season, is a fairly intriguing 'B' story. Time will tell, and I honestly don't know what sort of odds there are.

Thanks for the questions this week, everybody! We'll be back on Thursday with the next edition of the mailbag.