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2015 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills might need help at safety

The Buffalo Bills have depleted depth at safety after the departures of Jairus Byrd and Da'Norris Searcy in consecutive offseasons. Is it time to invest?

The Buffalo Bills have lost Jairus Byrd and Da'Norris Searcy in consecutive offseasons at the safety position. It wouldn't be a surprise if they went after one in the 2015 NFL Draft. Which one should they take?

Dan Lavoie and I break down a safety class devoid of top-end talent, but with many players in the second and third tiers that could come in and compete for playing time with presumptive "next man up" Duke Williams. They all have their warts, and Dan has found them and explains them to you. It's interesting to note that many of the players teams are looking at for the safety position played cornerback in college (like Byrd did).

Who is going to slide in next to Aaron Williams? Is Corey Graham going to move back from cornerback? Will Duke Williams slide in for lack of competition, or will one of the other depth players make a move?

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