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2015 NFL Draft grades: Mel Kiper ranks Buffalo Bills dead last

Even if you don't care for such frivolity as draft grades, a dead-last ranking is at least noteworthy. Right? Maybe?

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

NFL Draft grades are an utterly useless endeavor, printed by nearly every media outlet on an annual basis simply because they know readers are, for reasons that mystify everyone involved in publishing, desperately searching for them. So please, football fans: stop caring about draft grades.

If you're still reading this, Buffalo Bills fan, we'll assume that you haven't yet found it in yourself to let go of the hold that draft grades have on you. We are sorry for that, hope that another year will help clear your head of this evil, and supply this peace offering: ESPN's Mel Kiper awarded the Bills his lowest draft grade of 2015, No. 32 out of 32 NFL teams, and the lone C-minus on the board. That's at least interesting information, even if it's still pointless, right?

Boiled down, Kiper's reasons for the low grade include: the Sammy Watkins trade still being poor value, and robbing the Bills of a first-round pick; the second-round pick of Ronald Darby being a reach, and also not filling a need; and Karlos Williams playing a position at which the Bills didn't need depth.

But hey, he also thinks highly of third-round pick John Miller, that Nick O'Leary has a chance to "stick," and that seventh-round receiver Dezmin Lewis is "one of the bigger steals in the draft." Also, he seems to think that the Bills drafted Da'Ron Brown, but they didn't; Kansas City did.

Now you know what Kiper thinks of the Bills' draft picks, as well as the arbitrary letter and mathematical symbol he pulled out of his hair to give them. Please, enjoy the rest of your Sunday outdoors.