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Buffalo Bills training camp 2015: Sammy Watkins will be "full go"

Sammy Watkins says that he'll be full-go as Bills training camp opens, despite offseason hip surgery. He also has big expectations for his team in 2015.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins told reporters from his football camp on Tuesday that he will practice uninhibited by offseason surgery when Bills training camp begins this Friday.

Watkins had surgery in February to repair a torn labrum in his hip, and spent most of spring workouts on the sideline and sticking his head into huddles to take mental reps. His being at full health for the start of training camp is not surprising, but his expectations for the 2015 Bills might be to some.

When asked about his expectations for his sophomore season, he immediately jumped past personal objectives to team goals in a recent interview with The Buffalo News.

"Winning, playoffs, championship," said Watkins. "We've got a great team and great coaches. I mean, there's just no way we shouldn't be in the playoffs or win a championship. I mean, with the team and coaches and staff that we have, and what they're doing to bring us together, I think that there's no doubt that we should win our division and be in the playoffs. It's a problem if we don't."