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2015 Bills training camp: Kyle Williams, Eric Wood among first to report

It's not often that news of the first Bills players reporting for training camp is interesting in any way, but Kyle Williams and Eric Wood did what they could to start camp off on the right foot.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the first of two days in which Buffalo Bills players will be reporting to St. John Fisher College for 2015 training camp. Veteran starters Kyle Williams and Eric Wood were among the first to arrive in Pittsford, but they didn't stay long, as the two moved their stuff in and immediately squeezed in one last round of golf.

Before they hit the links, however, Williams and Wood spoke briefly with reporters about the month-long session of practices in Rochester that lay before them. The duo managed to steer clear of platitudes, though a few did slip through.

Williams and Wood are both fan favorites for a reason, however: they're not especially shy around microphones. Eventually, their awesome showed through, as Williams addressed the fact that he didn't score an invite to the infamous LeSean McCoy party...

... Wood addressed the Bills' in-flux offensive line coach situation (yes, in company-line fashion)...

... and the duo, who both have served as union reps for the Bills, addressed the ongoing saga that is the Tom Brady suspension.

We did veer closely to typical move-in day news fluff, which is assuredly coming your way at some point; Williams and Wood, however, came through in the clutch. Here's to hoping that we haven't already peaked when it comes to breaking news from the Bills' migration across Western New York.