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Buffalo Bills training camp live updates, 8/7

Can the Buffalo Bills offense continue its upward trend during Friday morning's training camp practice at St. John Fisher? Or will the defense respond with a better day? Follow along live from the seventh practice of Bills camp right here.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Friday at Buffalo Bills training camp turned out to be a day where many players suffered many injuries, to varying degrees of seriousness. Let's recap all of the big news of the day as fast as possible; we'll flesh out the biggest details as the afternoon wears on.

Dinged-up players

Veteran resters

QB rotation

More lineup notes


Camp schedule

Date Time Tickets Coverage
FRI 7/31 10-12 (AM) Live, Recap
SAT 8/1 10-12 (AM) Live, Recap
SUN 8/2 10-12 (AM) Live, Recap
MON 8/3 6-8 (PM) Info Live, Recap
WED 8/5 10-12 (AM) Live, Recap
THU 8/6 10-12 (AM) Live, Recap
FRI 8/7 10-12 (AM)
SAT 8/8 7-8:30 (PM) Info
MON 8/10 10-12 (AM)
TUE 8/11 10-12 (AM)
WED 8/12 6-8 (PM) Info
SUN 8/16 10-12 (AM)
MON 8/17 10-12 (AM) Info
TUE 8/18 6-8 (PM) Info
SAT 8/22 10-12 (AM)
SUN 8/23 6-8 (PM) Info
TUE 8/25 10-12 (AM)