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Rex Ryan: Buffalo Bills might wait to name starting QB

Hope you like head games, because we may be trying to figure out who the Bills' starting quarterback will be in Week 1 right up until kickoff of that game.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

If you were hoping that Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills' offensive coaching staff would be naming a starting quarterback sooner rather than later, Ryan doused your hopes fairly handily on Friday afternoon, when he told reporters that he might not reveal a winner until just before the team's September 13 home opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

There are probably countless different ways to read into that if you are so inclined to do so. That detective work, guesswork, and general confusion is likely exactly what Ryan is after - even though Chuck Pagano and the Colts are sure to be preparing for Greg Roman's blocking scheme and LeSean McCoy before turning their attention to who is under center.

Matt Cassel, Tyrod Taylor, and EJ Manuel are, of course, the three quarterbacks vying for the Bills' starting job. All three have taken first-team snaps throughout the first seven practices of the summer, though Cassel has taken the most. Ryan has also told reporters this week that a Saturday night scrimmage, plus next Friday's preseason opener against Carolina, will be of significant importance to the three starting candidates.