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2016 NFL Draft: Carson Wentz draws serious interest from Buffalo Bills

Carson Wentz is the hottest name at the Senior Bowl this week, and the Buffalo Bills have been hot on his trail all year, according to his North Dakota State quarterbacks coach.

If you've been paying even a light amount of attention to Senior Bowl practices this week, you know that the player generating more hype than any other is quarterback Carson Wentz of North Dakota State.

A two-year starter for the Bisons, the 6'5", 233-pound Wentz enters the 2016 NFL Draft with a solid CV (63.3 percent completions, 8.4 yards per attempt, 55 total touchdowns, 14 interceptions in a pro-style offense) and the size, athleticism, and arm strength traits that make football scouts swoon.

Every team in the NFL is interested in Wentz, but you can count Doug Whaley and the Buffalo Bills among the teams that have shown the most interest throughout the 2015 football season. That according to Wentz's quarterbacks coach, Randy Hedberg, in an interview with The Buffalo News.

"I was just talking to one of our video coordinators," Hedberg told Tyler Dunne, "And I said, 'What teams would you think?' And one of the teams that was here the most was the Bills. They've been in our building quite a bit and in our practices."

The Bills have a quarterback playing in the Pro Bowl this weekend, Tyrod Taylor, and the team is already entertaining the notion of extending his contract despite Taylor's only having one year of experience as a starter. But just this week, GM Whaley has insisted that the Bills could end up taking a quarterback early this spring - and despite the optimism surrounding Taylor, most would agree that the Bills developing another quarterback is a great idea.

If Wentz can turn his Senior Bowl surge into further momentum in the pre-draft process, however, he might not last long enough for the Bills to even have the option of making him their developmental quarterback.