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Bills vs. Jets live chat, 2015 NFL Week 17: first half open thread

The 2015 Buffalo Bills season comes to an end today. Will they crush the Jets' playoff hopes? Or will they lose, as expected, and finish off Rex Ryan's first season with a 7-9 record?

Well, this is it, Buffalo Bills fans: our last opportunity to cheer for our favorite form of personal torture for nine months or so.

Today's season finale isn't a meaningful one for the 7-8 Bills, who have missed the playoffs for 16 years and counting. It is, however, highly meaningful for the 10-5 New York Jets, who can clinch a spot in the AFC playoff picture with a win (or a tie, or if the Pittsburgh Steelers somehow tie with or lose to sad-sack Cleveland, so yeah, the Jets need to win). Which would make an upset win for the Bills all the more sweet, not just for Bills fans looking for anything interesting to come out of this game, but probably for Rex Ryan, as well.

But then, the Bills are missing nine starters (seven on IR, plus LeSean McCoy and Nigel Bradham) for this one, while the Jets are riding a five-game win streak. Probably best not to let your hopes rise.

This is your open thread for the first half of the 2015 Bills' season finale. Enjoy as best as you can. Go Bills!