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Will Percy Harvin be back with the Buffalo Bills in 2016?

.Back in May, half of voting Buffalo Rumblings readers expected Percy Harvin to last more than a season with the Bills. Has anyone changed their minds on that matter yet?

There has been much talk lately about the Buffalo Bills potentially adding a bona fide No. 2 receiver opposite of Sammy Watkins this offseason, with the perceived lack of faith (or desire to move him inside) that the team has in fourth-year receiver Robert Woods.

In a recent interview on The John Murphy Show, Bills general manager Doug Whaley said the following:

"We'd love to (have a bona fide No. 2 receiver), but we think with the mix of guys we have we can generate a number two receiver, between (Marquise) Goodwin, (Robert) Woods, (Greg) Salas who we signed. Leonard Hankerson if we can get him back, and then Greg Little that we signed. So we've got a mix of guys who might not be a bona fide number two, but we can use those guys in different roles and have a complementary number two just by mixing some guys in."

It was a surprise to many that Woods, after a pretty productive three-year career, was even mentioned in the same breath as the oft-injured Goodwin, as well recent signees Greg Salas, Leonard Hankerson, and Greg Little. As for myself, I was surprised that Percy Harvin wasn't mentioned at all, given that he's brought up by others so frequently.

This is the same Harvin that led the Bills in receiving during the first half of the season last year, and had 49 percent of voting Buffalo Rumblings readers convinced that he would be back for a second season in an over/under post back in May.

So: were all of us fans wrong? Have Whaley and the Bills moved on from Harvin? He's going to be a free agent, and after another injury-plagued season, the Bills have a decision to make. If the Bills can retain his services at a reduced cost, they might be interested. It also might be what is best for Harvin due to his relationship with the coaching staff, the quarterback, and the lack of a bona fide No. 2 receiver on the team. This, of course, assumes he's healthy enough to continue playing.

What do you think? Will Harvin be back with the Bills in 2016?