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Taylor, McCoy provide interesting info on specifics of Anthony Lynn’s offense

Buffalo’s QB and RB spoke to’s Steve Wyche about the Bills new-look offense.

It’s one thing for someone like myself to try to identify the difference between Anthony Lynn as the Bills offensive coordinator and Greg Roman in that role, it’s another thing for Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy to explain what Buffalo’s new offensive coordinator has done.

In this video, reporter Steve Wyche relayed what Taylor and McCoy told him about why they’re happy operating within Lynn’s offense.

From Wyche: “I spoke to Shady McCoy and Tyrod Taylor about Anthony Lynn replacing Greg Roman. Two things they said - they’re letting the players make plays. In other words, they’re not over-coaching every situation. Secondly, Tyrod Taylor said Lynn has installed a no-huddle offense, which they’ve run four times, scored on three of those times.”

That’s basically what we heard from Lynn when he initially took over and what players were saying after wins over the Cardinals and Patriots.

But what Wyche mentioned next was, to me, pretty intriguing and something of which we were not previously aware:

“On that no-huddle, Tyrod Taylor has the option to make the play call. So Lynn has given the players ownership. Shady McCoy said that is a huge thing.”

During a mid-week media session before Week 3’s home contest against Arizona, Lynn hinted at Buffalo taking away some of Taylor’s ability to audible, but Wyche’s note on the no-huddle runs counter to that, and clearly indicates Lynn has trust in Taylor.

Wyche went on to say Lynn is listening to player input and that the offensive playbook has been pared down.

Over the past three weeks, there’s no doubt Lynn’s new approach to the offense has been a pleasant surprise for the Bills.