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Bills vs. 49ers: can I watch it on TV?

Probably not on your screens if you’re outside WNY.

The Buffalo Bills are on a three-game winning streak and have had plenty of good announcer tandems this year as they played teams in big markets. Unfortunately, this is not the week to see the dividends of that. When the San Francisco 49ers come to town on Sunday, most of the country won’t see it.

Most of Upstate New York will see the game and the upper northwest portion of Pennsylvania. In the visiting market, half of California, Nevada, and Oregon are in the mix but a game featuring the Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions is featured prominently.

Dick Stockton and David Diehl are a combination of the two worst announcing crews Fox Sports has to offer. With top play-by-play man Joe Buck doing the MLB postseason, all the play-by-play announcers have been shifted around. Stockton is the second-lowest on that depth chart while Diehl comes from the bottom rung on the list of FOX’s color commentators.