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Lorenzo Alexander explains Rob Ryan’s hilarious walk-up music

It creates quite the visual.

Earlier this season, we were made aware of the fact that Rex Ryan and his brother Rob have walk-up music when they enter meetings, as was shown in “Rex and Rob Reunited,” which aired the night before the first game of the 2016 regular season.

Now, thanks to Bills edge-rusher Lorenzo Alexander, we know the walk-up music wasn’t simply a fun way to begin the season or for show on the documentary.

Check this back and forth during a recent interview with MMQB’s Kayln Kayler:

KAHLER: Do you have any good stories about either Rex or Rob Ryan?

ALEXANDER: I love the environment that they bring. I’ve never been to a place where coaches have walk-up songs to present in team meetings, like hitters do in major league baseball. The coaches have walk-up songs depending on what the theme of the week is, or what the name of a play is. It’s fun. We put in a play called Boat One. And you know the song, the SNL spoof, I’m On A Boat? Rob walks up to that song to install this play. It’s crazy. What coach does that? I’ve never been around that. They keep it light and fun.


Say what you want about Rex and his brother... but one thing is for sure — they’re legitimately genuine, fun-loving guys whom their players love.