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Report: LeSean McCoy suffered ‘‘mild to moderate’’ hamstring strain

The team is hopeful to have its star running back in some capacity on Sunday

Every time we think the sun is coming out, those pesky clouds try to darken our days. So it goes in the life of a Buffalo Bills fan, and according to a report from WGR’s Sal Capaccio, this newest cloud could be a big one.

LeSean McCoy’s hamstring injury was reported immediately after practice, and Rex Ryan had few specifics. He noted that Shady was experiencing “tightness,” but gave no indication as to the severity of the injury. According to Capaccio’s source, the team is hopeful that McCoy will be available on Sunday in Miami, but his status will remain uncertain in the days ahead. This is certain to cause agitation in fantasy footballers and Bills fans alike.

Hamstring issues are the injuries that linger, and even the mildest of strains can be difficult to shake. Any tweak or soreness in that area makes cutting and accelerating difficult, which obviously makes it a serious issue for a running back. In McCoy’s case, he dealt with a hamstring issue for most of last season, first tweaking it in the 2015 preseason. That issue hampered McCoy and contributed to his lowest rushing yardage total (895 yards) since 2012.

For a Bills team leading the league in rushing at 166.5 yards per game, having its best running back (and arguably it's best offensive player in general) is paramount to success. Add in the fact that Miami is 31st in rushing yards against (147 YPG), and McCoy’s presence solidifies a huge mismatch in Buffalo’s favor.

In any case, it appears that the next few days will be spent frantically checking Twitter (and Buffalo Rumblings, of course!) for updates on Shady’s status. Here's hoping those updates are positive for the second time in a short many weeks regarding a McCoy injury.