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Bills 13 Patriots 0 - Second half open thread

So far, so good.

It didn’t matter that the New England Patriots are starting their third string quarterback. It didn’t matter that said quarterback had a thumb injury, and the only other option was wide receiver Julian Edelman. When the Bills go into Foxboro and take on Bill Belichick’s talented roster, it’s always assumed to be a massive challenge.

So far, the Bills have been up to the task. Tyrod Taylor looked like a perfect fit in Anthony Lynn’s offense, the offense clicked on all cylinders, and the defense held the Patriots scoreless in the first half, thanks in part to Zach Brown forcing a Jacoby Brissett fumble in Bills territory.

The Bills are up 13-0, and they get the ball to start the second half. But there’s a lot of football remaining, and they’re up against the greatest coach in history. Let’s cheer them on through the second half!