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Bills 16, Patriots 0: It’s opposite day in Foxboro

For once, the Patriots were the ones suffering a lousy passing game and penalties galore

If you had an infinite number of monkeys sitting in front of typewriters, eventually one of them would manage to bang together the proper keys to write the complete works of William Shakespeare. Apparently, if you give the Buffalo Bills enough games against their hated rivals, the New England Patriots, a day will come where the Bills win in a dominant fashion at Gillette Stadium.

Granted, it was assisted by New England starting a third string rookie quarterback and tripping over themselves with penalties, but the Bills still put together a complete victory over the Patriots, shutting them out 16-0. It was the first time the Patriots had been shut out in Gillette Stadium, and the first time they’d been shut out at home since 1994. It was also Buffalo’s first road shutout since 1990.

The game started in Buffalo’s corner from the beginning, when Patriots returner Cyrus Jones accidentally brought the ball out of the end zone, and the Bills took him down at the 8 yard line. A potential 90 yard pass to Julian Edelman was cancelled by a Patriots penalty. After a three and out, the Bills took over, and put together a practically perfect seven minute touchdown drive to take the lead.

Things continued in that fashion from there on out. The Bills looked comfortable again in Anthony Lynn’s offense, mixing in slants and direct snaps to running backs with good success. They didn’t find the end zone again after that, but Dan Carpenter going three-for-four on field goal kicks was all they needed.

The Patriots offense clearly suffered without the ability to handle a reliable passing threat today. Jacoby Brissett was slow to process plays and inaccurate on deeper passes, and the Bills feasted with great positioning in the secondary. Zach Brown had a killer day, forcing a fumble in Bills territory to preserve the shutout. The Patriots committed penalties or drops in seemingly every opportunity that would’ve turned around the game in any other week.

Take it all in, Bills fans. This week, the Bills stymied the Patriots. At 2-2, they’re back in the playoff hunt.