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Bills vs. Dolphins, Week 7: TV map and viewing area

It’s a little larger area than the last few weeks as the AFC East tilt draws in a big market.

Over the last two weeks, the Buffalo Bills have been limited to home and away markets as they played NFC West opponents with no real long-term implications. This week, they play the Miami Dolphins and fans of at least one other AFC East rival will be able to tune in.

You’d expect the normal South Florida and Western New York stretches for the home markets of the Dolphins and Bills, but the Northeast’s green includes Boston, home of the New England Patriots. While Vermont and Eastern New York State get to watch Geno Smith and the Jets, bean-eating Bostonians will be tuning into Tyrod Taylor against Ryan Tannehill.

Announcers Tom McCarthy and Adam Archuleta are seventh on CBS’ eight-crew list of NFL announcers. Prepare yourself for some mistakes and blown calls.

The late game on CBS will be the Patriots and the Steelers and will be broadcast around the country as a national game.