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NFL power rankings, Week 8: Buffalo Bills fall to middle of the pack

According to the big drops in their power rankings, most prognosticators think the Bills aren’t very good.

The Buffalo Bills won four straight games and made it into the top 10 in every power rankings list around the internet. Then they lost to the Miami Dolphins and apparently...

At SB Nation, they are less “knee-jerky” and moved Buffalo down just two spots from 10 to 12. They have only moved a few spots at a time in our parent company’s rankings from week to week.

After falling five spots at The MMQB, Buffalo comes in 13th in the Fine Fifteen with a forward-thinking comment: “The Bills never had LeSean McCoy at full strength last season because of a nagging hamstring injury. They can’t afford for that to happen again this year.”

Elliot Harrison at gives LeSean McCoy as his reason for dropping Buffalo from 7 to 13. “Why the significant drop following a close road loss? One reason: With all the missing personnel this team has endured, the single player it can't afford to be without is LeSean McCoy.”

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio dropped the Bills from 10 to 15, near the bottom of the 4-3 teams.

Down eight (EIGHT!) spots at ESPN, the Bills fall to number 16 below two teams with worse records and eight spots behind the Arizona Cardinals, who they beat earlier this season. The folks at ESPN blame the lack of a rushing attack for the loss.