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The Buffalo Bills are back on track after bad start

Listen to Matt Warren discuss the recent success of the Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills made a change at offensive coordinator two weeks ago and in the intervening time have beaten two of the preseason Super Bowl favorites. What changed with the team since getting blown out by the New York Jets? SB Nation Radio wanted to know and we provided them with the answers:

In the clip, I discuss the changes on offense, Sammy Watkins’ injury, the improvements on defense, Rex Ryan’s press conferences and much more. We also take a look at Buffalo’s upcoming schedule to see if this success is sustainable. Listen now!

SB Nation Radio kicked off August 1st and is going to rely heavily on established network bloggers for information. When they need a Bills take, they’ll get on the horn with Buffalo Rumblings. There is an app coming soon, podcasts to download, you can listen live online, or listen on one of the 500 terrestrial or satellite radio stations including Sirius.