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Bills vs. Rams, 2016: television map

Despite the massive L.A. market, the Bills won’t be on many screens this week.

The Buffalo Bills had a huge television market for their game against the New England Patriots because of the marquee opponent. This week, despite the Los Angeles Rams’ 3-1 record and massive potential audience in that city, the Bills won’t be on any screens outside the local market.

Buffalo’s secondary markets of Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany will all be broadcasting on the Bills’ side of the map. That’s a change from two weeks ago when the eastern cities went with the New York Giants game over Buffalo.

With San Diego and Oakland on tap for the same time and channel, most of the secondary markets that might be in play in Southern California are off the table from the Rams point of view.

Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon are fourth in the rotation at CBS Sports. Boston, New York, and Dallas were all on the CBS schedule this week in addition to Los Angeles, or else this game would have likely garnered an even better pairing.