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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Bills hold steady over the bye

Most of the Internet kept the Bills right where they were last week.

It’s usually the case that writers who compile power rankings leave teams alone on their bye week, unless there’s a compelling reason to move them one way or the other.

The Bills were no exception this week, save for one notable omission.

The SBNation power rankings kept the Bills at 18, right where they were last week. Moreover, all of the teams in front of and behind the Bills stayed in those areas. Nothing big to see here, folks.

Elliott Harrison at actually bumped the Bills up a spot to 17. He gave them credit for the easy schedule that lies ahead, as well as the time they had to heal some key injuries. The Chargers fell behind the Bills after a loss to the Dolphins on Sunday.

ESPN kept the Bills at 21 this week. They point out that the Bills have tied a rather dubious record: they have lost three straight games while scoring at least 25 in each game. The Packers and Chargers fell behind the Bills, while the Titans and Dolphins moved ahead after wins Packers and Chargers.

The “notable omission” I mentioned earlier is at The MMQB. The Bills were at 15 last week, but this week they’ve fallen out of the top 20 (which is as far as the rankings go). The Titans and Dolphins were unranked there last week, but both made it in this week while the Vikings join the Bills on the outside looking in.