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Bills vs. Bengals TV map is strange in Week 11

Two AFC teams playing against each other on FOX?

The Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals play this weekend, which would normally warrant a small television audience and CBS’ fourth team. Due to NFL networks’ cross-flexing ability, the Bills and Bengals will be featured on FOX this week, but the audience coverage remains tiny.

Buffalo and Rochester will carry the game but Syracuse will get the New York Giants instead. Most of Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky will get the broadcast, but for some reason, half of Ohio and part of Pennsylvania will get Miami vs. Los Angeles. Only local markets this week.

This is the third year of the NFL’s crossflexing of games between CBS and FOX. Seattle and Philadelphia are playing on CBS this week.

Brennaman and Davis are FOX’s fourth team in the hierarchy. Arizona vs. Minnesota looked like a good matchup earlier this season so Troy Aikman and Joe Buck will be there while the number two squad of Burkhardt and Lynch are with the bigger markets of Chicago and New York.