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Tom Brady has owned the Buffalo Bills

The future Hall of Famer has more wins in Buffalo than most Bills QBs.

It seems like every week we get a random stat or fact that completely blows our mind. This week the stat is about Tom Brady and his record at Ralph Wilson Stadium/New Era Field and comes courtesy of Tim Graham of The Buffalo News.

“Brady won his 13th game at New Era Field [on Sunday],” wrote Graham, who then points out that only Jim Kelly, Joe Ferguson, and Drew Bledsoe have more wins at the stadium in Orchard Park. Brady is tied with Doug Flutie.

Despite playing only one game a year at the facility, Brady has more wins than a host of Bills quarterbacks who started multiple games in multiple seasons; Todd Collins, Rob Johnson, Alex Van Pelt, Trent Edwards, J.P. Losman, and EJ Manuel.

But that isn’t the only stat worth mentioning.

“Brady also tied Brett Favre's NFL record with his 26th victory against a particular opponent. Only three quarterbacks -- Kelly (101), Ferguson (77), Kemp (43) -- have won that many for the Bills,” notes Graham.

These stats say so many different things. The Bills have been bad during Brady’s run at quarterback. The Bills have been searching for a franchise quarterback since 1996. Tom Brady is perhaps the greatest quarterback of all-time. We won’t judge which of these takeaways you latch on to, but none of them feel particularly great.