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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Buffalo Bills stay put

The Bills got clobbered, but their power rankings status didn’t.

The Buffalo Bills got lit up by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Sunday. After their second consecutive loss, you would expect Buffalo to sink like a stone, but prognosticators respect New England so much, that’s not the case.

Here’s something new: after a big loss, the Bills didn’t move anywhere at all at Eliot Harrison kept them right at 13. Harrison notes the Bills have an easy schedule coming up after their bye, and he’s right, but he also knows they have to get their defense in gear.

Buffalo fell just two spots at SB Nation to 14, who makes a habit out of being less knee-jerk than other outlets. Buffalo had barely cracked the top 10 two weeks ago and fell two spots after each loss.

Jenny Vrentas at The MMQB also slots Buffalo 14th, citing the injury concerns as what is holding back Buffalo. That’s down only one spot.

ESPN didn’t ding the Bills too much for losing to Brady. Falling two spots to 18 isn’t all that bad.