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Robert Woods out of the game with knee injury

The receiver’s leg bent awkwardly as he was tackled after a catch

The game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals is already claiming a few names. Star Bengals receiver AJ Green left on the third play after injuring his hamstring. Now the Bills have lost their own top target: Robert Woods is headed to the locker room.

Woods appeared to awkwardly bend his leg backward as he was tackled on a reception. He stayed down for a bit, but walked off the field under his own power. He headed to the locker room shortly thereafter, and was later declared out of the game.

Unfortunately, the Bills can scarcely afford to lose him. The new top target would be Percy Harvin, who hasn’t even been on the roster for three weeks. Marquise Goodwin, Justin Hunter, and Brandon Tate would make up the remainder of the corps, with Walter Powell inactive today.