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Sammy Watkins press conference highlights

Comments from Tyrod Taylor and Rex Ryan on the star receiver’s return, as well.

With Sammy Watkins having officially returned to practice yesterday, albeit in a limited capacity, the Buffalo Bills’ best receiver is officially on track to play again in 2016. Whether his first game will come this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars or next Sunday at the Oakland Raiders is yet to be determined, however.

As one would expect, Watkins was the focus yesterday, and his health and status for Sunday’s game was the burning question. Below is a “round-up” of Sammy comments from yesterday’s press conferences:


- “I feel great out there.”

- “...ran twenty-something plays out there, most of them's not about re-teaching myself how to play football, but more about running the plays without thinking about steps and yardage.”

- “...not gonna say I'm fine when I'm not...gonna let the trainers do their jobs and see if I'm babying it [the foot] on film and let them decide [whether he will play or not].”

- “I'm not gonna go out there unless I'm healthy.”

- (On whether an injury to Robert Woods puts added pressure on him to play): “"There's always pressure as an added pressure to play because of Robert’s injury.”


- “Obviously he can catch the ball...he looked good, looked comfortable, running routes.”

- “The kind of playmaker he is really puts pressure on the defense.”

- “He's a special playmaker, so having him back in the field just makes our offense more explosive.”


- “He's a difference-maker out there...while he was hurt, he spent a ton of time with Sanjay [Lal, WR coach] and rehabbing his injury.”

Ryan was non-committal when asked if Watkins would play on Sunday, telling reporters that he had no answer for that question. Multiple reports have suggested that Watkins will play on Sunday barring a setback, but it's certainly possible that the team could take the cautious route and hold him out until next week at Oakland.

The team is on the field today, and Josh Reed of WIVB-TV tweeted this video of Watkins practicing again.

Either way, the team can be thankful for one of its top playmakers inching closer to a return at a critical time in the season.