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LeSean McCoy touchdown run starts second half with a bang

What an awesome run.

The Buffalo Bills offense took a nap in the first half. LeSean McCoy had rushed for negative yardage. On the first play of the second half he changed that. The Bills offense had 63 yards of offense in the first half, but McCoy went 75 yards on the first play of the third quarter.

McCoy took the handoff, jumped to his right, made two guys miss at the hole, and burned his way to the longest touchdown run of his NFL career. Dan Carpenter made the kick, and just like that, the Bills took a 13-7 lead. Watch it here:

Buffalo’s offense was inept in the first half. They managed a touchdown on the final drive of the first half thanks to an excellent punt return by Brandon Tate, who returned it deep into Jaguars territory. McCoy’s first touchdown run of the game came on an option pitch from Tyrod Taylor.

The previous long run of McCoy’s career was 66 yards.