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Sammy Watkins bomb leads to Buffalo Bills lead

The Bills take the lead following a great play from Sammy Watkins.

The Buffalo Bills have been living off the big play today. They finally got their third of the day and it led to a 20-14 lead.

On a day when their offense wasn’t doing anything of substance, Buffalo has been finding sparks anywhere they can. First it was a Brandon Tate punt return deep into Jaguars territory that led to the first touchdown. Then, LeSean McCoy went 75 yards on the first play of the second half. Now, it’s a long bomb to Sammy Watkins.

Watkins went 62 yards on this one play. A few plays later, Tyrod Taylor took it into the end zone to give Buffalo the lead:

Buffalo’s top receiver has been out for most of the season dealing with a foot injury. He was activated off injured reserve this week and is supposedly on a “pitch count”, but has seemingly been in for the vast majority of the game.