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Bills vs. Seahawks: Jerry Hughes blocked punt leads to easy 7-0 lead

Jerry Hughes has been on fire early.

The Buffalo Bills got a great start from their defense on Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks and then a big special teams play gave them an early 7-0 lead.

Jerry Hughes knifed into the Seahawks backfield on 2nd and short, knocking the running back into his own man and losing a yard. On third down, Hughes collapsed the left side of the pocket while the entire interior was pushed into Russell Wilson, ultimately forcing a throw away. But it was what he did on fourth down that caught everyone by surprise:

On the very next play, Tyrod Taylor kept it and went around the left side for the touchdown and a 7-0 Bills lead. It was a designed run all the way.

Seattle’s ensuing drive netted a quick score by Russell Wilson and it’s tied 7-7. First, he gained 50 yards with his arm, then called his own number on the next play to match Taylor’s short rushing touchdown.