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Refs absolutely blow Richard Sherman’s dirty hit on Dan Carpenter

Wow. Wow. Wow.

What. The. Hell. Did. I. Just. Watch.

In the most bizarre, idiotic, downright ridiculously stupid field goal attempt I’ve ever witnessed in my 20+ years of watching organized football, the Bills were unfathomably hosed when attempting to make it a 28-20 at the end of the half.

Instead of trying to explain the outrageous events, here’s a tweet video

After this... the refs decided to only call the five-yard offsides penalty, and not a dead ball personal foul for roughing the kicker.

Because the trainers came onto the field momentarily to tend to Carpenter, head referee Walt Anderson ruled that he had to come off the field for one play.

The Bills, smartly, then ran a play and spiked the football to give Carpenter another chance to kick the field goal.

After that, the referee did not allow the Bills to snap the ball until there were five seconds on the play clock, and Buffalo did not the snap off in time. Carpenter kicked the ball directly through the uprights right but delay of game had already been called.

The Bills were moved back five yards, and Carpenter missed the field goal as the half expired.

How an entire crew of refs came to the conclusion that it was the correct call not to penalty Sherman his hit on Carpenter is beyond me.

Basically... the crew’s logic indicates that any team should jump offsides, and do whatever they want to an opposing player without having to worry about any repercussions.

Coming out of halftime, ESPN reporter Lisa Salters said Rex Ryan was told by the refs that “it simply wasn’t roughing the kicker.”