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What is the Buffalo Bills silver lining after third straight loss?

The Bills have lost three straight, but there has to be a silver lining.

The Buffalo Bills lost their third straight game on Monday night, and immediately following the game I joined SB Nation Radio to discuss the game and Buffalo’s chances going forward. Listen here:

While we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the penalties and how the game was seemingly taken from the Bills, I was asked to discuss the silver lining going forward for Buffalo. My thoughts immediately turned to Tyrod Taylor, who was efficient and accurate against the vaunted Seahawks secondary. His passes were on target all night and he even thread the needle a few times. Passes have been sailing all over the place for Taylor this season, but the one bad pass he had Monday was a clear miscommunication where his receiver stopped running.

I also mentioned that Buffalo’s strength of schedule is pretty easy coming down the stretch. If they play like they did Monday night against a schedule featuring just one team with a winning record, they still have a chance to make the playoffs.

What was your silver lining for the Bills?