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Could Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan be on the outs?

A couple reports suggest the Pegulas may be at the end of their patience with the current team.

As the 6-6 Buffalo Bills host the Pittsburgh Steelers today, their playoff hopes are on the line: A loss would essentially eliminate the team from contention. That’s not the only thing at stake though, according to CBS reporter Jason La Canfora. La Canfora, who has a tendency to publish reports that are fifty percent unsubstantiated speculation, fifty percent spot-on insider news, and one hundred percent eye-opening, is reporting that head coach Rex Ryan may be on his way to the unemployment office if the season ends poorly.

La Canfora’s source indicates that Ryan’s relationship with GM Doug Whaley has soured, and that it may take a win in all of Buffalo’s remaining games just to see Ryan return with the team next year. He also suggests that a firing could happen as soon as Monday morning, if the Bills lose in a particularly egregious manner against the Steelers.

Adding some kindling to La Canfora’s smoke, Buffalo News reporter Tim Graham corroborates the report that Ryan could be fired soon, citing sources of his own. Graham also notes that if Ryan gets the axe, Anthony Lynn would likely be promoted to interim head coach for an extended interview with the team.

One last element to all of this: In addition to the Pegulas’ reported impatience with Ryan’s lack of success, they (and Whaley) also appear to be wavering on Tyrod Taylor’s prospects. Whaley was strongly non-committal on Taylor’s future with the team in a radio appearance with WGR 550 this week, and La Canfora’s sources suggest that “Unless Tyrod turns into Russell Wilson the last four weeks -- and that's if he's even playing all four weeks -- then he's not going to get that option.”

La Canfora reports that the club’s decision-makers are eager to see Cardale Jones on the field, and that may force Tyrod to the bench if the team misses out on the playoffs - especially if a coaching change occurs.