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Bills vs. Browns television map is understandably small

With little to play for, CBS is sending their team from the bottom of the list.

On paper, and likely on the field, the game featuring the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills isn’t likely to be very good. Buffalo is a 10-point favorite. The winless Browns are just trying to avoid an 0-16 season. The Bills are pretty much eliminated from the playoff race. With that in mind, the game actually has a bigger television viewing map than you might expect.

With the New York Jets playing Saturday night and the New York Giants playing Sunday late, the Bills’ 1:00 start time allows the eastern part of New York State to watch. Most of New York State will now get the game with the exception of the direct New York City market and the northwestern-most point in the state. In Ohio, just the Cleveland market will get the game.

With a small television audience, it’s no surprise CBS is sending their seventh-best announcing team of Tom McCarthy and Adam Archuleta. Expect mistakes, a lack of replays, and more on the broadcast!