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Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns: Second half open thread

The Bills will open the half with a 14-point lead and the ball.

The Bills have ridden the running of LeSean McCoy (10 carries for 91 yards) and a strong performance from the defense (three sacks, five tackles for loss) to a 17-3 lead over the Browns at the half.

I know there are a fair amount of fans who’d rather see the Bills lose out to seal Rex Ryan’s fate and lock up a better draft position, but you know what they say: it takes two to tango.

The Browns have struggled mightily and made plenty of mistakes, including a kick catch interference after stalling on their first drive that allowed the Bills to start in Browns territory.

Tyrod Taylor, for his part, has been inconsistent but solid overall. He made some poor decisions at the end of the first drive that forced the Bills to settle for a Dan Carpenter field goal. On the other hand, he made some solid throws from the pocket, including a 23-yard strike to Marquise Goodwin on third-and-22. He finished the half 10-of-15 for 105 yards and a touchdown.

Charles Clay has put in a stellar performance, as well. He’s made four catches for 49 yards, including a stellar play on the 19-yard touchdown at the end of the first half, sliding to catch an underthrown pass from Taylor.

The Browns won the opening coin toss, but they elected to receive, so the Bills will be taking the kickoff to open the second half.