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Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns first half open thread

Here’s your place to chat with other Bills fans on this fine Sunday afternoon.

Today the 6-7 Buffalo Bills host the 0-13 Cleveland Browns in the most recent matchup of the worst series in recent National Football League memory, the battle of Lake Erie. The Bills are on the precipice of playoff elimination, requiring three straight wins and three straight Denver losses just to stay in this thing. Marcell Dareus somehow felt the need to guarantee a win against these Browns, despite their winless record, the game being played in Buffalo, and Cleveland’s lousy results against the spread this season, which kind of tells you just how desperate things have gotten in Buffalo lately.

Meanwhile, the stove is firing up in Buffalo’s front office. Reports from Adam Schefter and others suggest that Rex Ryan’s days are numbered. Tim Graham recently published a piece in the Buffalo News advocating for the Pegulas to empty the organization and start fresh, and he has been teasing a new article to be published tonight on a similar topic. Before long, we may be witnessing a slew of firings, especially if the Bills manage to throw this game away.

Tickets for today’s event were going for as low as $6 on third party sites. Clearly, people aren’t interested in watching what will surely be another 12-7 slog in the snow.

So here’s your first half thread, but feel free to discuss Bills, Broncos, beer, or Christmas plans in the comments if the game sucks. Just remember the rules:

-Keep it clean

-No politics

Oh, and no Star Wars spoilers, please. I haven’t seen that one, yet.